Commissioner Redistricting


Thank you so much for your involvement in our local politics. Without a doubt your engagement decides election outcomes. 

Similar, unchallenged redistricting processes in 2013 yielded one comment, and in 2015 yielded 19 comments. In comparison, this redistricting process yielded 266 comments. We needed every one of your comments (votes). The greatest number of votes (67) went for Plan 3, followed by Plan 2 with 46 votes, and Plan 1 with 25 votes; which accounts for 138 votes (51.9% of votes cast). 

The Democrats proposed Options 4a, 4b, and a third Alternative Option prepared by the El Paso County Democrat Chair. The Democrat proposals affected no fewer than five precincts with 13,369 voters and as many seven precincts with 15,307 voters. 

The Selected Plan 3 allowed for the greatest future growth in Commissioner Districts 1 and 3. The Plan affected only five precincts. In addition, Plan 3 contained the most change and affected 7,093 registered voters, about half or less than the Democrat  proposals. This plan has the most changes with a decrease in the number of voters in Districts 1 and 3. The plan anticipates growth will continue and overcome the decrease by election time, making all districts equal in size.