Celebrate Working with our Hands and Minds!

The first purchase-price for anything in our civilized world history was Labor. The amount of labor was what determined the worth of something and the value of what someone has to offer. Today, we occasionally use the barter-trade system, but most of us know of the cash value of what it is we buy. Each hand that touches the original item to bring it to us adds, we hope, some value. It is what we do to something that makes a thing more valuable. It is people who have value, not things.

It is my firm belief we are valuable! What will help us and our country grow and become stronger? People. You and me. The people I know work hard, every day. They have integrity and give it all they have at work. I’ve met brilliant people walking door-to-door and I want to cheer! Let’s celebrate the work of our hands – and our minds! It’s about the Freedom to take care of our selves, our loved ones, and to celebrate our God-given talent that makes our lives better! 

Freedom to pursue innovative ideas in a free-market society. Government doesn’t have a clue about how to build things or to create things; it just knows bureaucracy. We are the people who will make change. We are the people who will create places to work. We are the answer!

So, on this Labor Day 2017, kick back, drink a beer or whatever with your family and friends, and celebrate the work of our hands! Toast to a better tomorrow because… you work hard, you have integrity, and you can achieve anything in this great Nation, the United States of America.

May all of you have a well-deserved, Happy Labor Day!

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