Commissioner Redistricting

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The proposed plans maintain community of interest for school districts, wildfire and flood protection, transportation, and military populations and use natural and man-made boundaries to define community of interest.
Plan 1 has minimal changes, adding one precinct to Commissioner Dist 3, moves three precincts, and equalizes the populations evenly. It takes into account today’s number of voters and nothing about growth. We may see another redistricting plan in two years. If you don’t mind going through this again sooner than later, this is the choice for you.
Plan 2 is as you say, very similar to Plan 1 but it has some changes and accounts for some growth with which precincts are affected. This plan has the districts a bit closer in population and may be usable for up to four years. If you want to account for modest growth, this is the plan for you. 
Plan 3 has the most changes with a decrease in the number of voters in Districts 1 and 3. The plan anticipates growth will continue and overcome the decrease by election time, making all districts equal in size. It also assumes to be usable up to four years, if not longer. If you think this is the best option to plan ahead, then vote for this plan.
The Democrats’ plans redraw the two commissioner districts based on the number of Democrat voters. I attended the Commissioner meeting to start the public input. I was also at the public hearings in 2009 and 2010 for the redrawing of House District 18. It includes Manitou Springs, downtown Colorado Springs and extends out to almost Academy Blvd. The only common component in that district is the number of Democrats. There is no community of interest between Manitou Springs population, downtown Colorado Springs population and Academy Blvd population besides party affiliation, which is what I said when I testified against the new district 18 boundaries. They are attempting the same thing with Commissioner Districts 3 and 5, making them more Democrat in population, that being what they define as a community of interest and nothing more.

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