2020 State Assembly Details


Colorado Republican Committee
2020 State Assembly & Convention

On the morning of Saturday, April 18th, Chairman Buck will be hosting a virtual meeting you’ll be able to access via CaucusRoom and our State Party website.

Those tuning in will hear from Senator Gardner and a number of other guests. There will also be one final review of how the voting process works for the Assembly.

Voting through Txt2Vote will be open from Saturday, April 18th until the end of the day on Monday the 20th. You can watch a brief webinar on how the system works below:

Text2Vote Training Webinar

Delegates will be sent a unique access PIN via email & the US Postal Service. That pin will grant access to the ballot on the Text-to-Vote platform.

Basic Requirements to use Txt2Vote: Smartphone with Text Messaging Ability & Touch Screen & Major Cellular Service Provider (Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, AT&T, etc.)

State GOP will be tabulating the votes on Thursday the 23rd and Friday the 24th.

State GOP will announce the results of the assembly via email and on their website on Saturday, April 25th. 

The State GOP will also have a page on their website whuich will list candidates for the various offices, as well as those seeking to become Delegates to the National Convention.