The 14th Representative District
Republican Central Committee


Revised February 3, 2007




The organization shall be known as the 14th Representative District Republican Central Committee, State of Colorado, and hereinafter will be referred to as the “District Committee.”


Recognizing the fundamental principles of the Republican Party as reflected in the State and National platforms, the primary purpose of this organization shall be to elect Republican candidates to the office of State Representative of the 14th Representative District, to achieve the objectives of the Republican Party at National, State and local levels, and to perform the functions set forth in the election laws of the State of Colorado, Colorado State Republican Bylaws and El Paso County Republican Party Bylaws for representative district committees.


Section 3.01 STATE LAW AND BYLAWS. The laws of the State of Colorado, Colorado State Republican Party Bylaws, and El Paso County Republican Party Bylaws applicable to party organization and party central committees are incorporated by reference and shall supersede any provision of these bylaws which is in conflict. When any provision of these bylaws conflict with any of the above mentioned statues, or be otherwise illegal, then such provisions of these Bylaws shall not affect or make illegal any other provisions of these bylaws which are not in conflict with any statute or other provision of law. [Source: Colorado Election Code (CEC) 1-3-103 (9)]

Section 3 .02 GENDER. All references to male include the female, and the masculine pronoun includes the feminine.

Section 3.03 PRIMARY CONTESTS. No Republican House District 14 candidate for any designation or nomination for public office shall be endorsed, supported or opposed by the 14th Representative District Republican Central Committee, acting as a whole, or its elected officers, acting as whole, or committees, acting as a whole, unless such candidate is unopposed in the primary.


Section 4.01 The voting membership of the District Committee shall be:

A. Elected Republican precinct committeepeople from precincts located within the district.

B. The elected Republican State Senator(s) residing within the District.

C. The elected Republican State Representative of the District.

D. Chairman, Vice-Chairman and Secretary (hereinafter referred to as officers) of the District Committee.

E. Division Leaders of the District Committee.

F. Chairman, Vice Chairman and Secretary of the El Paso County Republican Central Committee residing in the District.

Section 4.02 The non-voting membership of the District Committee shall be:

A. El Paso County Republican Party Chairman, Vice Chairman and Secretary not residing in the District.


Section 5.01 COMPOSITION The elected officers of the committee shall be a Chairman, Vice Chairman and Secretary. None of the officers shall be required to be committeepeople, nor elected officials.

Section 5.02 ELECTION The officers shall be elected individually by majority vote of the membership of this committee at a meeting upon notice previously given by those present and—voting or voting by proxy. Officers shall be elected by secret ballot except in case of no contest when vote by acclamation shall suffice upon motion therefore properly made.

Section 5.03 ELIGILIBITY The officers of the Representative District must be registered Republican electors and residents of the 14th Representative District for at least one (1) year as shown by the registration records.

Section 5.04 TERM OF OFFICE Such elected officers shall hold office until the next required meeting, set forth in Article VII, Section 7.01 hereof, and until their successors are elected and qualified.

Section 5.05 DUTIES

A. CHAIRMAN The Chairman shall be the chief executive officer and shall have the usual powers and duties attending such a position.

1. He shall ensure the call is issued and shall preside over all meetings of the District Committee and the 14th Representative District Assembly.

2. He shall observe and enforce the Bylaws of the District Committee.

3. He shall be custodian of all books, papers, records and proceedings of the District Committee and the 14th Representative District Assemblies.

4. He shall appoint necessary committees, and be ex officio member of these committees.

5. With the assistance of the secretary, he shall provide the names of officers elected at organizational meetings together with their mailing addresses, zip codes and telephone numbers to the El Paso County Republican Party Chairman and the Colorado Secretary of State immediately following organizational meetings.

6. He shall ensure that the County Republican Chairman and the Republican State Chairman have copies of current District Committee Bylaws and any amendments thereto.

7. He shall ensure that the District Bylaws remain in compliance with the laws and bylaws mentioned in Article II herein.

8. He shall see that arrangements are made for the 14th Representative District Assembly.

9. He shall serve as a non-voting member of the Republican State Central Committee, permitting him to participate in State Central Committee discussions.

10. He should routinely recruit prospects to run for office in the House District in the absence of a Republican incumbent holding the seat, or when a Republican incumbent will no longer hold the seat due to various circumstances.

B. VICE-CHAIRMAN The Vice-Chairman shall aid and assist the Chairman in the performance and accomplishment of his duties.

1. He shall exercise the functions of the Chairman in his absence, or inability to perform, or at the Chairman’s request.

2. He shall perform such other duties as may be prescribed by the Chairman.

C. SECRETARY The Secretary shall be the chief clerical officer of the committee, and shall keep a complete record of all the proceedings of the committee.

1. He shall prepare and have in readiness, upon the convening of the Assembly, a roll of delegates and alternates entitled to participate. This roll will have been prepared from the credentials of uncontested delegates and alternates filed with the Secretary and from the credentials of uncontested delegates and alternates placed upon the temporary roll by the District Committee.

2. He shall prepare and verify all credentials for delegates and alternates and certificates of designation that shall be made by the 14th Representative Assembly.

3. In an emergency and in the absence of the Chairman and the Vice-Chairman, he may call a meeting of the District Committee, and shall preside until the election of a chairman pro tern, which shall take place immediately.

4. He shall have such other duties as may be prescribed by the Chairman.

Section 5.06 NOMINATIONS Nominations for officers shall come from the floor, and may be made only by members of the District Committee or elected officials, in person or by proxy.

Section 5.07 REMOVAL Should any officer be permanently absent from the district or absent sufficiently or fail to perform his duties, that in the opinion of the District Committee he should be replaced, then upon a two-thirds vote in favor of a motion to remove him from this office at a meeting called for that purpose in accordance with Article VII, Section 7.01 B, he shall be removed from office and cease to perform any of the duties of such office and be disqualified to act as such officer immediately following such vote, whereupon the District Committee shall proceed to elect a successor officer, by majority vote, who shall hold office until his successor or replacement is chosen and qualified. The officer(s) in question shall have at least ten (10) days notice in writing of the date, time, place and purpose thereof before any
such meeting is held. The action of the District Committee shall be final.

Section 5.08 VACANCY In the event of the death or resignation of the Chairman of the district, the Vice-Chairman shall automatically succeed to all powers and duties of the Chairman and shall appoint a Vice-Chairman. In the event of the death or resignation of the Vice-Chairman or Secretary, the Chairman shall appoint a person from the District Committee to fill said vacancy.


Section 6.01 METHOD

A. Upon convening any meeting of the District Committee, the Chairman shall appoint three members of the committee to serve as tellers.

B. Officers shall be elected individually and by majority vote using a secret ballot, unless there is only one nominee for the office. In that case, election shall be by voice vote.

C. If more than two (2) persons are nominated for an office, and after two (2) ballots no nominee has received the required majority vote, then unless one or more nominees have withdrawn during or following this balloting, the nominee receiving the least votes on each ballot shall be dropped from all subsequent ballots. The nominee receiving the least votes on each ballot thereafter shall also be dropped from subsequent ballots, unless one or more nominees withdraw following such ballot. Balloting shall continue in this manner until the majority vote is cast for one nominee.

D. Tie votes shall be decided by lot.

E. In cases other than the election of officers, division leaders, and candidates for State Representative, voting shall be by voice unless a roll call is requested by one of the voting members of the committee. In that case, roll shall be called of the members by the Secretary and such member or his proxy shall vote when his name is called.

F. Multiple office shall not entitle a person to more than one vote.

Section 6.02 PROXIES

A. Any member of the District Committee who desires to attend any meeting of the committee by proxy shall designate his proxy on a written form which shall be dated, signed, witnessed and submitted to the chairman of the committee not later than the convening of the meeting to which the proxy applies.

B. The proxy shall apply only to a single meeting.

C. The individual designated by proxy shall be a Republican elector and shall reside in the same precinct as the committeeperson giving the proxy; or if the proxy is given by an elected official, the individual designated must be a Republican elector residing in the 14th Representative District. The individual designated may vote only if the principal is absent at the time of the vote.

D. The proxy of a member absent at roll call shall be submitted before the meeting is called to order. The proxy of a member present at roll call who subsequently leaves the meeting may be submitted at any time during the meeting, but the proxy may be voted on a particular ballot only if submitted before the voting commences on that ballot.

E. Any member of the committee shall have the right to examine the proxies prior to any particular vote.



A. ORGANIZATIONAL MEETINGS The organizational meeting of the District Committee shall be held in the odd-numbered years at the El Paso County Central Committee Meeting. This meeting is to be called by the county chairman and be held between February I and February 15. The meeting will be held not less than fifteen (15) days before, nor more than thirty (30) days after such notice is mailed. [Source: CEC 1-3-103 (l)(c)] This meeting is a required meeting of the committee and shall be called by the Chairman of the District Committee or any other elected official of the committee should the County officers fail, refuse or be unable to call such meeting.

B. REQUESTED AND OTHER MEETINGS Other ·meetings, either regular or special, shall be held at such time and place as may be designated by the Chairman, or in his absence or inability to act, upon call of the Vice-Chairman. It shall be the duty of the Chairman to call a meeting of the committee within ten (10) days after receiving a request for such meeting signed by one-third or more of the membership. The meeting shall be held no earlier than fifteen (15) days and no later than thirty (3) days from the date the call is mailed.

Section 7.02 CALL OF MEETINGS Calls shall be in writing and mailed to each member to the last known address on file with the El Paso County Republican Headquarters. The mailing is to be made at least fifteen (15) days prior to the meeting and the meeting is to be held no more than thirty (30) days from the date of the mailing (except as provided in Article VIII, Section 8.01 herein). The call shall state the time and place of the meeting and the business intended to be conducted at such meeting; provided, however, that the call shall not limit the business to those items mentioned in the call.

Section 7.03 QUORUM A quorum for any meeting of the central committee shall be those members present or represented by proxy at any meeting which has been properly called.


Section 8.01 VACANCY COMMITTEE In the event of resignation or death of the State Representative for the 14th District, those members of the District Central Committee present shall act as Vacancy Committee. The District Vacancy Committee includes all members of the House District Central Committee including the House Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, Division Leaders, committeepersons, any elected County officer residing in the district and any elected official residing in the district as maintained by El Paso County Republican Headquarters. A replacement shall be selected by a majority vote using the same procedures as set out in Article VI, Section 6.01. The meeting of the Vacancy Committee shall be held no later than ten (10) days from the date the vacancy occurs. The call for such meeting shall be issued by the Chairman no fewer than six ( 6) days prior to the meeting. [Source: CEC 1-12-203] The Vacancy Committee shall consist of a quorum of not less than one-half of the voting membership of the vacancy committee and shall select a person who possesses the constitutional qualifications for a member of the General Assembly and who is registered with the Republican Party. No member of the vacancy committee may vote by proxy. The vacancy shall be filled and certified with the Secretary of State within ten (10) days of the occurrence of the vacancy.

Section 8.02 OTHER COMMITTEES The Chairman shall appoint such other committees from time to time, as he shall deem necessary and proper to carry out the functions and business of the committee.


Section 9.01 TIME AND PLACE The Representative District Assembly shall be held at the El Paso County Republican Party Assembly [Source: CEC 1-4-602].

Section 9.02 DELEGATES Persons elected at the precinct caucuses within the district as delegates to the County Assembly shall also serve as delegates to the District Assembly. Such delegates and alternates must meet the requirements of CEC 1-4-602 (5).

Section 9.03 PROXIES No proxies shall be allowed or recognized in the Assembly. Any vacancy will be filled by an alternate present, selected from the list of alternates in their numerical order, beginning with the first alternate.

Section 9.04 UNIT RULE What is commonly known as the “unit Rule” shall not be permitted nor adhered to.

Section 9.05 ROLL CALL Any delegate shall have the right to demand, and have entered, a roll cal of his precinct’s delegation upon any disputed vote.

Section 9.06 QUORUM A quorum of the Assembly shall consist of those delegates present.


Section 10.01 DUTIES The office of division leader is established for the purpose of acting as liaison between the County Chairman, the House District Chairman and the precinct committeepeople.

A. The Division Leaders will advise the County Chairman and District Chairman of any vacancies in their precincts, and will recommend people to fill vacancies.

B. In the even numbered years, Division Leaders shall hold a Division Meeting of the committeepeople of the precincts for which they have liaison responsibilities for the purpose of selecting delegates and alternates to higher assemblies. The committeepersons will vote to choose at-large delegates as well as the ranking of alternates to said higher assemblies. This meeting must be held no later than seven (7) days after the precinct caucuses and the list of delegates and alternates selected at the meeting must be turned in to the El Paso County Republican Headquarters on the following day.

C. The Division Leaders will hold periodic meetings with their committeepeople as deemed necessary by the District Chairman. They will also assist the County officers in training their precinct persons, and will be responsible for precinct registration and voting. They will perform other duties as assigned by the District Chairman and the County Chairman.

D. Division Leaders are responsible for distributing caucus and election material from the County Clerk’s office, and candidate literature to the precinct committeepeople for distribution to eligible voters.

E. Division Leaders are voting members of the El Paso County Republican Central Committee.

Section 10.02 ELECTION Division Leaders shall be elected at the central committee organizational meeting of the 14th Representative District. Division Leaders must meet the same eligibility requirements as House District Officers (Article V, Section 5.03). Division Leaders shall be elected by secret ballot by a majority of those precinct committeepeople in each division who are present or represented by proxy.

Section 10.03 TERM OF OFFICE Division Leaders shall hold office until the next required meeting, set forth in Article VII, Section 7.01 hereof, and until their successors are elected and qualified.


A. The Vacancy Committee for the purpose of filling a Division Leader vacancy shall consist of the precinct committeepeople residing within the division.

B. After it has been determined that a vacancy exists, the House District Chairman shall issue a Call and preside over a meeting of the committeepeople within that division who shall elect a new division leader to serve the unexpired term. The Call shall be sent within thirty (30) days after the vacancy and an election held no earlier than fifteen (15) days or later than thirty (30) days after the call.

C. If, in the judgment of the County Chairman following consultation with the House District Chairman, a Division Leader is not performing his functions and duties or has moved out of the division, the County Chairman shall present a recommendation to the County Executive Committee for the removal of such
Division Leader. By a majority vote of those present, the County Executive Committee may remove any Division Leader from office.


Section 11.01 RULES Roberts Rules of Order, newly revised, shall control unless provided for herein or by State Statute.

Section 11.02 PARLIAMENTARIAN The District Chairman shall appoint a Parliamentarian for each meeting of the Central Committee and the Assembly.

ARTICLE XII. AMENDMENTS These Bylaws may be altered or amended by a two-thirds vote of the members present, at any meeting of the District Committee, properly called.

*Article VIII, Section 8.01 Amended, February 3, 2007

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