District Chair

    • Look for Division Leaders
    • Look for Precinct Leaders
    • Support and get to know your Division Leaders and as many Precinct Leaders as you are able
    • Elect Vacancy Committee and conduct these meetings when necessary
    • Initiate Bylaws review for your District
    • Support candidates in your House District (Distributing campaign info/encouraging Precincts to do door to door)
    • Attend Executive Committee Meetings, Assembly, Central Committee Meetings and Organizational Meetings
    • Positive liaisons with Precinct Leaders and know who they are
    • Distribute Caucus materials
    • Set up Division Leader training
    • Attend all training and responsible for training of Precinct Leaders
    • Call meeting with Division Leads to organize how to campaign in your area
    • Evaluation of Division boundaries in your district
    • Coordinating precinct walks
    • Organizing walks for candidates in your District

Division Leader

  • Communicate District Chairs directives
  • Help organize Precincts
  • Attend Central and Organizational meetings
  • Walk Precincts with precinct leaders
  • Per District Chair dispense information and distribute campaign information
  • Attend training sessions

Precinct Leader

  • Run Caucus meeting
  • Attend Central and Organizational meetings
  • Walk precincts and help with candidate signs
  • Actively be on the lookout for possible board candidates, election judges, delegates and candidates
  • Attend training sessions
  • Primary contact within the precinct
  • Support all republican candidates after the primary
  • Assist with get out the vote efforts
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