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Cheyenne Mountain Republican Forum

P.O. Box 38092, Colorado Springs, CO 80937

The CMRF Membership Meeting will be held:

Monday, April 22, 2019
Starting at 12:30 p.m. with lunch:


Mt. Carmel Veterans’ Service Center
530 Communications Circle
Colorado Springs, CO 80905

From South 8th Street, turn west on West Moreno Avenue. Travel up hill and pass the Gold Hill Police Station on the left. The first right is Communications Circle.
Guests and spouses Welcome!


El Paso County Assessor Steve Schleiker

Assessor Schleiker is a proactive public servant. He is hosting meetings to talk with property owners about coming changes to property assessments. You may learn about agencies impacting our property taxes.

The Board hopes you enjoyed Laura Carno at our February meeting. You can follow her at SpringsTaxpayers.com for issues pertaining to local government and our community. Sign up for her and Rebecca’s weekly newsletter.

Dues for 2019 are $25 for an individual and $40 for a couple or family. Questions pertaining to membership or dues may be directed to Susan Gildea, 3070 Rockbrook Lane, Colorado Springs, CO 80904 or [email protected] or phone 475-0007. Write checks to Cheyenne Mountain Republican Forum.

The CMRF was founded in 1986 to: foster and encourage loyalty to conservative principles promote an informed electorate through political education. To encourage discussion and education, we meet in a casual atmosphere in people’s homes and feature a buffet lunch. Members bring food to one meeting per year to augment the food prepared by our Hospitality Chairman, Nancy Dooley.

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