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Colorado Springs Mayor & City Council Candidate Forum

A public forum to which all Colorado Springs City Council candidates have been invited is scheduled Thursday, Feb. 28 from 6 to 8 p.m. at the Westside Community Center, 1628 W. Bijou St. 

Hosting the event is the Solutions Team for the Avenue Task Force (ATF). The ATF is an ad hoc group of citizens, businesses and government officials that started several years ago. Its leader, Westsider Welling Clark, urged the formation of a Solutions Team after an ATF meeting last September that probed issues of “negative behavior” in the community. 

The April 2 election is for mayor and three at-large council members. All will be four-year terms. Council has nine members in all; the six district representatives (who also serve four-year terms) were elected two years ago. 

 “We will be compiling a list of potential questions and information for the council and mayoral candidates,” Clark outlined in a recent e-mail. He noted that “the ATF is non-partisan, and because we have to work with all elected officials, we can show no partisanship nor favoritism. The ATF will reach out to all candidates and pass them all germane information.” 

 Below is a list of candidates who have qualified for the ballot. 

Mayor: John Suthers (incumbent), Lawrence Martinez, John Pitchford and Juliette Parker. 

Council: Bill Murray and Tom Strand (incumbents), Regina English, Tony Gioia, Gordon Klingenschmitt, Terry Martinez, Athena Roe, Val Snider, Dennis Spiker, Randy Tuck and Wayne Williams.

RSVP provided on Facebook by SpringsTaxpayers.com

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