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Chairman’s Update

Chairman’s Update

We’ve had 100 people sign up to learn more about becoming a volunteer activist. Our first New Volunteer Orientation is on the evening of May 21. Please let us know if you have anyone you would like us to include in the invitation to that training event.

President Trump will be in town for the Air Force Academy graduation and there has been some interest expressed in standing along the road in support of the President. 

We are continuing to have some regular open office hours on a few different days a week.  Anyone who wants a petition can contact Kathleen at [email protected], as well as anyone who wants to help with office hours to collect signatures.

We are supporting our House District chairs as they continue their efforts to fill precinct vacancies.

We are working diligently to schedule our 2019 Lincoln Day Dinner for an early fall time frame.

We are hosting an event for our legislators this week which is being organized by Sandi Foote and friends — the Events page for more information.

Please don’t hesitate to reply or reach out to get together if you have any questions or concerns.

Go team EPC GOP!

Lincoln Day Dinner News!

Greetings Republicans:


When we say that El Paso County has the BEST Republicans in the U.S.A., we mean it.


Thanks to a VERY generous donor, ALL attendees of our upcoming Lincoln Day Dinner (May 12th) with Congressman Jim Jordan, will receive a registration and shooting package from Magnum Shooting. The package will include:


  • A free registration fee if someone wants to become a member of Magnum ($350 to $750 value)
  • Two free range passes ($50 value)


We hope the liberals hear us loud and clear, our 2nd Amendment rights are here to stay, don’t tread on us!

We plan to have a live auction with not one but two AR-15s, beautiful jewelry, a spa and fitness package, and MORE! 


If you haven’t gotten your tickets yet, you can purchase them here


The Democrats told us to beware of the blue wave this year, let’s come out in a unified front and show them their idea of a wave is nothing compared to our RED hurricane. 

In Liberty, 

Cassandra Sebastian
Executive Director
El Paso County Republican Party 

State and County Parties: A Candidate’s Fundraising Multiplier

You know me. I’m the former Republican State Representative from House District 17, the Colorado Springs Swing seat. There’s something almost expected, and annoying, about winning and losing in a Swing seat. It’s difficult to fundraise when the odds are against you. Trust me when I say that it is not enough to have vision and tenacity; it also takes strategy.

As a former candidate, I would like to share how important it is for you to support your El Paso County Republicans and Colorado GOP. For me, the Colorado GOP and the El Paso County Republican party were force multipliers in my campaign. I know they spent money on my campaign as well as in other races, but the resources they bring were more than I could have done on my own with individual contributions. First, let’s start with the law, which defines contribution limits. (more…)

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