Trump Coming to CS

Note: Tickets will be available only through Donald J. Trump’s website here.

By: Megan Schrader July 25, 2016 Updated: Today at 7:07 am

Donald Trump’s Colorado campaign director confirmed Monday that the Republican nominee for president will be in Colorado Springs this week.

“Donald Trump is committed to winning Colorado and the campaign has plans for Mr. Trump to be in Colorado later this week,” said Patrick Davis, a Colorado Springs-based political consultant who works for Trump’s campaign.

Details of Trump’s visit weren’t immediately available, but if it’s similar to his campaign stop Monday in Virginia, it will include his running mate, Mike Pence, and be open to the public. Reservations for tickets were made on Trump’s website for that event at

Jeff Hays, chairman of the El Paso County Republican Party, said he was thrilled Trump is coming.

“The road to the White House could very well come through El Paso County,” Hays said. “If we do our job and we turn out in record numbers, we can make a difference in who wins the nine electoral votes in Colorado.”

Recent polls indicate Trump has an uphill fight in Colorado, a battleground state that last year unseated a Democratic incumbent in the Senate.

Hillary Clinton has spent millions of dollars on TV ads in Colorado, although her campaign’s advertising buys didn’t get extended in Colorado this week.

A poll released by Monmouth University had Clinton up by 13 points last week in Colorado. The state’s caucus process, however, awarded most of its delegates to Clinton opponent Bernie Sanders. Clinton needs Sanders’ supporters to vote in November.

Mitt Romney came to Colorado Springs in 2012 just a few days before the election, and John McCain and Sarah Palin stopped by just a few days after the 2008 Republican National Convention. Both of their speeches were held at a private terminal and hanger at the Colorado Springs Airport.

“They understand the math,” Hays said. “Any campaign worth its salt understands the importance of El Paso County.”

Trump had the opportunity to come to Colorado Springs for the Republican Party’s state convention, but declined. Ted Cruz, then still in the running to be the nominee, did attend and walked away with all of Colorado’s elected delegates to the Republican National Convention held in Cleveland last week.

Colorado’s delegation led the push to unbind delegates so they could vote for someone other than Trump. Ultimately the “vote-your-conscious” movement was crushed and Trump secured the nomination without major incident.

Trump could have some making up to do in Colorado. He spoke in Denver at the Western Conservative Summit this summer and tried to smooth things over with the state’s party in his speech.

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