July Jobs Report

WASHINGTON – RNC Chairman Reince Priebus released the following statement on the July jobs report:

“This jobs report would be so much better if Harry Reid would do his job and get the Democrat Senate to vote on the 43 jobs bills passed by the Republican-led House of representatives,” said Chairman Priebus. “Instead of putting people back to work, Harry Reid is letting those bills gather dust. He can’t be bothered to help the unemployed.

“Of course, it’s good news to see some Americans finding work, but we still need millions of jobs. Our unemployed and underemployed fellow Americans don’t have months and years to wait. They need jobs now.

“We also can’t forget that the unemployment rate doesn’t tell the whole picture. It doesn’t account for the millions of Americans who have dropped out of the labor force because they’re exhausted from looking for jobs that don’t exist.

“In order to create the jobs we need, Americans have to fire Harry Reid and elect a Republican Senate this November that will pass pro-growth policies, including legislation to build the Keystone Pipeline. The best way to create jobs in America is to make sure Harry Reid loses his job as Majority Leader.”