Data Request Policy

Greetings Republicans,

I hope this post finds you all ready for Christmas and the New Year.

We have been very busy down at headquarters preparing for caucus training, the upcoming Executive & Central Committee meetings, and Assembly.

Due to the high volume of information requests from candidates and staff, we are implementing a new policy, to ensure that information is dispersed in a timely manner without causing strain on volunteers and staff. 

The Data Request Policy is as follows:

  • A Non-Disclosure Agreement must be on file before information requests are taken.
  • The El Paso County Republican HQ will return all reasonable requests within 72 business hours of receiving a written request.
  • Requests must be sent to: [email protected].com
  • If for some reason requests cannot be met within the 72 business hour period, the person making the request will be notified by our office regarding the delay.

***Holidays and weekends are excluded from the timeline.

Thank you for all the hard work you continue to do for Republicans in El Paso County and our great state. We look forward to celebrating with all of you come November 2018.

In Liberty,

Cassandra Sebastian
Executive Director
El Paso County Republican Party