Legislative Blog with House District 14 Representative Shane Sandridge

Greetings Republicans:

I’m in my first year as a legislator and I continue to be humbled and honored to represent House District 14.  I believe my district is a model of Colorado conservatism and I represent our district in that manner. As a conservative leader, I reach back to my life and professional experiences to understand the many nuances of public policy.

Prior to joining the Colorado Legislature, I worked as an inner-city police officer and have seen first-hand how progressive policies actually attract crime. I continue to support law enforcement and support the people who bravely risk their lives to keep our families safe. I stand firm against crime policies that are harmful to the community. My work as a police officer led to a great interest in teen criminality and behavior abnormalities.

As a former clinical psychotherapist, I have see first-hand how mental health policies impact a community.  I have real-life experience helping patients in crisis, and assisting them with realizing a better path in life.  I have worked on legislation to curb our suicide epidemic in Colorado Springs.

I believe in keeping government small, so that businesses can thrive. As a business owner myself, I understand that poorly constructed regulations hinder Colorado small businesses and make it difficult to create jobs. I am an entrepreneur, a job maker and a person who has had to manage a budget for his own business to assure payroll was met.

My experiences and faith with a strict focus on liberty mold my decision making process as a State Representative.  I fight for the unborn, small government, our Second Amendment rights, taxation with representation, as well as many other conservative values.  

In my free time, I enjoy spending time in the mountains, snowboarding, going to movies with my daughter, and exercising my Second Amendment right by going to the  range.

I always enjoy hearing from my constituents, please feel free to contact me at [email protected] 


Shane Sandridge 

House District 14 Representative