NO on HB 19-1046

Dear Republicans:

After talking to several Representatives, not only from El Paso County, but also across the state, and also many of the County Chairs across Colorado, I wanted to address the bill that has been put forth that will enable Democrats and give them control to make decisions within the State and County Party structure. Myself, along with many of the people that have contacted me over this past week, are against this bill mostly due to the fact that allowing the legislature (that is now controlled solely by the Democratic party) to make decisions within a private political party. I believe this discussion needs to be held within the state central committee and the local county parties.

There are a lot of issues within the caucus and assembly processes that need to be addressed. Perhaps- a scholarship program for people that cannot pay could be set up. Then donors could donate specifically for that purpose. Or, we set up a committee within the party that raises money specifically for these fees. I think that is a viable idea that needs to be explored. Within my county party, I have had donors call and say that they will not be donating to the county party if it is to be used towards fees for other people to attend caucus or assemblies. They tell me it is not their responsibility to pay for fees for other people, and I agree. They donate to get Republicans elected and have a well-oiled-machine at the helm of El Paso, not to pay for state mandated meetings.

The biggest issue with this bill is the fact that it cedes control and power not only from the Republican party but the Libertarian Party, Etc. to organize and run their organization as the members deem fit. I’ve been told that Republican leadership and representatives do not support this bill and that the Democrats indeed do. That should be a major RED FLAG for every Republican. This is the time for the Republican Party to strengthen our position and push against the Democratic agenda that they are trying to ram down the freedom and liberty loving Coloradans throats, no matter what political party! This isn’t the time to cede our control of our organization to Denver and Boulder. We must not allow the Democrats one inch of our freedom, no matter if it is within the Republican Party or within our great state of Colorado.

I know that there are some that say whoever is against this bill is quote-unquote “establishment”, a country club member, an elitist. I’m not from a military academy, not even an officer, I was enlisted Grunt in the Marines- the farthest thing that you can come to a person being establishment. Let me be perfectly clear, while I have been chairman there has been no salary. I have worked 60 70-hour weeks, living on my veteran disability and limited BAH when I took night classes for my masters. With the little money I have, I take donors to lunch and coffee to raise every penny I can for the county party and to get Republicans elected! I do not belong to a country club, although I did caddy a few times during High School. I did all this and put great stress on my family in service to the state which I love deeply. My family is here in Colorado, both my children were born here, and I’m staying here in Colorado to fight next to each and every one of you, for the future of our state and children. I urge you to voice your opinion to your legislature, tell them no vote no on HB 19-1046.

God Bless and Semper Fi,

Joshua Hosler


El Paso County Republican Party