What is good leadership?

As members of the El Paso County Central Committee, we are all leaders. From precinct leaders, to division leaders, to House, Senate and County Commissioner district officers and to County GOP elected officials, state legislators and EPC GOP officers – we are all leaders and now, more than ever, is the time to lead.

We are on the edge of losing our very way of life in Colorado. We are all aware of the radical policies of the left that have a stranglehold on the General Assembly, which is pumping out destructive legislation every day.

In this critical time, as leaders, let’s ask ourselves what good leadership looks like, and then, let’s step into it – together.

My sole purpose as Chairman is to serve our Team so that TOGETHER we succeed.

What does success look like? To succeed in 2020 we must turn out more voters than ever before.

To do that, we must build our team and welcome more people to our ranks. To do that, we must fill our precinct vacancies and recruit a team of 100’s of volunteer activists. I’m happy to report that we are hosting a Take Back Colorado Team training for activists on May 21 and inviting the nearly 100 new people who’ve signed up to help.

At HQ, our goal is to serve the Central Committee leaders so that everyone has everything they need to get this job done.

And to resource these efforts, I’ve reached out to dozens of donors and raised tens of thousands of dollars because there is growing confidence in our commitment to honor donor intent and to limit spending to mission-driven activities.

What is a good leader? One who serves. Let’s continue to work together to strengthen our team and to be leaders who serve. Together, we CAN Take Back Colorado.

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