Clearing the Air

Dear Republicans:

It has come to our attention that a former candidate has been making accusations against the El Paso County Republican Party, and we’d like to clear the air as to what has occurred.

As many of you know the 2ndAnnual Teddy Roast-A-Velt is tomorrow (3-7pm) and will be held at the home of one of our Central Committee members. This is a private residence and the home owners have gone above and beyond to help us make this event successful and we are extremely grateful to them.

The EPC GOP leadership has a duty to respect these generous homeowners and ensure that our guests do the same, as we do for all events.

Unfortunately, a former candidate has been extremely disrespectful and rude to the homeowners and caused the need for concern about their attendance and behavior during the Roast-A-Velt.

As a result, the EPC GOP leadership called the former candidate, expressed our concern, and ask that they not attend this specific event. Again, this event is being held at a private residence, and it is our job to ensure that the homeowners are respected, and their wishes honored.

We have issued this person a refund and articulated that we would hope that because they believed in freedom and property rights, they would understand our decision.

We contacted this individual privately and ahead of the event, hoping to save them any embarrassment or any conflict on Saturday.

The officers of the El Paso County Republican Party have a goal of being completely neutral and inclusive as a leadership team, however, we have the responsibility to be respectful and pragmatic when it comes to these situations.

We hope that this clarifies the situation, and that we can all move forward in a positive manner with the goal of victory in November.

God Bless and Semper Fi,

Joshua Hosler


El Paso County Republican Party





Young Republicans of El Paso County Movie Night!

Are you between the age of 17-30? Or do you know someone that age that thinks conservatively? Join us for the first of many El Paso County Young Republican get togethers! 

We will meet at our HQ 31 N. Tejon Street!

Appetizers and beverages provided, lots of invigorating conversation, and FUN! 




Introducing our new Field Organizer

Greetings Republicans:

It was unclear as to whether we were going to receive a Field Officer from the RNC this year for the November 2018 election. As a previous candidate, and now the Party Chairman, I know how imperative it is to have someone here to organize and train our volunteers. So rather than wait, my team and I decided that we would work extra hard to fundraise and proactively hire someone.

Please help us to welcome and congratulate our new Field Organizer, Miss Kaitlyn Cameron.

A Colorado native and lifetime resident of El Paso County, Kaitlyn Cameron grew up with a view of Pike’s Peak from her kitchen table, where she developed a passion for politics, education, and making a difference in our beautiful state.

Kaitlyn is a student at the University of Colorado- Colorado Springs where she is about to complete her studies in Political Science and History. She currently serves as the President of College Republicans on campus and as Marketing Director for the Southern Colorado Young Republicans. She enjoys engaging with other students and helping Republican candidates and organizations to inspire the next generation with a conservative vision for the future.

We are very excited to have Kaitlyn onboard and help us to WIN-BIG in 2018.

Please plan to stop by our HQ (31 N. Tejon Street, Suite 316), say “hello” to Kaitlyn, and get signed up to volunteer for the 2018 election!

As always, thank you for all that you do for freedom in Colorado.

God Bless and Semper Fi, 

Joshua Hosler
El Paso County Republican Party 




Lincoln Day Dinner News!

Greetings Republicans:


When we say that El Paso County has the BEST Republicans in the U.S.A., we mean it.


Thanks to a VERY generous donor, ALL attendees of our upcoming Lincoln Day Dinner (May 12th) with Congressman Jim Jordan, will receive a registration and shooting package from Magnum Shooting. The package will include:


  • A free registration fee if someone wants to become a member of Magnum ($350 to $750 value)
  • Two free range passes ($50 value)


We hope the liberals hear us loud and clear, our 2nd Amendment rights are here to stay, don’t tread on us!

We plan to have a live auction with not one but two AR-15s, beautiful jewelry, a spa and fitness package, and MORE! 


If you haven’t gotten your tickets yet, you can purchase them here


The Democrats told us to beware of the blue wave this year, let’s come out in a unified front and show them their idea of a wave is nothing compared to our RED hurricane. 

In Liberty, 

Cassandra Sebastian
Executive Director
El Paso County Republican Party 


Greetings Republicans:

I am writing this not as the Chairman of the El Paso County Republican Party, but as a proud Coloradan and combat Marine. After serving two combat tours in Afghanistan and Iraq, I felt called to defend the Constitution fighting for freedom stateside, defending Colorado against tyrannical politicians who would usurp our fundamental rights.  Too often, party leaders will not call out elected officials. I am not that kind of milquetoast party chair.

HB18-1436 it is a direct assault on every veteran and freedom loving Coloradan. This bill allows a family member, law enforcement officer, roommate, or a disgruntled spouse to file an Extreme Risk Protection Order (ERPO).

Say, for example, a disgruntled spouse, girlfriend, or boyfriend is intent on doing you harm. All they have to do is lie to the courts and say that you are a danger to yourself or others. The courts will then issue a temporary ERPO and the police may then file for a warrant to search your home and take your firearms. Through this initial process, you would have no redress and would not be made aware that the ERPO until it is finalized. This would then leave you defenseless.

Additionally, if the firearms are left in storage with law enforcement or dealer for more than one year from the initial seizure, the firearms will be disposed of by the party that is storing them.  So, if your “temporary” seizure is extended more than 182 days and is more than one year you lose your firearms permanently.

While this bill is paved with good intentions, so is the road to hell.  

If this bill is passed, literally any person close to someone can accuse another person of being “dangerous” and have that person’s constitutional rights removed. There is no due process. This is unacceptable. It is a slippery slope that will only end in the usurpation of many of our freedoms, the freedoms that myself and my fellow veterans risked our lives to protect and defend.

I ask that our legislators consider the harm HB18-1436 to our law-abiding citizens, particularly, our veterans. Please call your legislator today and ask them to preserve freedom and vote NO on HB18-1436.

God Bless and Semper Fi,

Joshua Hosler





2018 Assembly Results

Greetings Republicans:

On behalf of the leadership at the El Paso County Republican Party I’d like to thank everyone who attended the March 24th County Assembly, and congratulate all of the candidates on their hard work. 

Here are the results for the County Assembly, as well as the House, Senate, Commission Districts meetings. 


HD 14- Shane Sandridge (incumbent) 55%, Kanda Calef 45%. 

HD 15- Dave Williams (incumbent) 81%, Karl Schnieder 19%. 

HD 16- Larry Liston (incumbent) by acclamation. 

HD 17- Kit Roupe by acclamation.

HD 18- Jillian Likness by acclamation.

HD 19- Tim Geitner by acclamation.

HD 20- Terri Carver (incumbent) by acclamation.

HD 21- Lois Landgraf (incumbent) 64%, Raymond Garcia 36%.

SD 9- Paul Lundeen by acclamation.

SD 11- Patrick McIntire by acclamation.

CCD 1- Holly Williams 40% (won topline in coin toss), Calandra Vargas 40%, Anita Miller 15.4%, Ann Howe 4.6%.

CCD 5- Vickie Tonkins 57%, Cami Bremer 43%.

County Assessor- Stephen Schliecker by acclamation. 

County Clerk & Recorder- Chuck Broerman by acclamation. 

County Coroner- Dr. Leon Kelly by acclamation.

County Sheriff- Bill Elder (incumbent) 64%, Mike Angley 36%.

County Surveyor- Richard Mariotti by acclamation.

County Treasurer- Mark Lowderman by acclamation.


Resolution 1- Yes
Resolution 2- Yes 
Resolution 3- Yes 
Resolution 4- Yes 
Resolution 5- Yes
Resolution 6- Yes 
Resolution 7- Yes 
Resolution 8- Yes 
Resolution 9- Yes 
Resolution 10- Yes 
Resolution 11- Yes 
Resolution 12- Yes 
Resolution 13- Yes 
Resolution 14- Yes 
Resolution 15- Yes 
Resolution 16- Yes 
Resolution 17- Yes 
Resolution 18- Yes 
Resolution 19- Yes 
Resolution 20- Yes 
Resolution 21- Yes 
Resolution 22- Yes 
Resolution 23- Yes 
Resolution 24- Yes 
Resolution 25- Yes 
Resolution 26- Yes 
Resolution 27- Yes 
Resolution 28- Yes 
Resolution 29- Yes 
Resolution 30- Yes 
Resolution 31- Yes 
Resolution 32- Yes 
Resolution 33- Yes
Resolution 34- Yes 
Resolution 35- Yes 

Just a reminder that March 20th was the last date for candidates to turn in petitions to the Secretary of State or County Clerk and Recorder’s office. 

Primary ballots will go out on June 4th and ballot boxes close June 26th at 7PM. 

Congressional District 5 will have their Assembly on Saturday, March 31st. The location will be at the Doubletree World Arena in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Credentialing begins at 7:30AM and ends at 9AM. The Assembly convenes at 9AM and note, there are no proxies for this meeting. 

State Assembly will be held on April 14th in Boulder, Colorado. Details regarding credentialing, guest passes, and a group chartered bus to follow soon. 

As always, THANK YOU for all you do for freedom in Colorado. 

In Liberty, 

Cassandra Sebastian
Executive Director
El Paso County Republican Party 

Legislative Blog with House District 14 Representative Shane Sandridge

Greetings Republicans:

I’m in my first year as a legislator and I continue to be humbled and honored to represent House District 14.  I believe my district is a model of Colorado conservatism and I represent our district in that manner. As a conservative leader, I reach back to my life and professional experiences to understand the many nuances of public policy.

Prior to joining the Colorado Legislature, I worked as an inner-city police officer and have seen first-hand how progressive policies actually attract crime. I continue to support law enforcement and support the people who bravely risk their lives to keep our families safe. I stand firm against crime policies that are harmful to the community. My work as a police officer led to a great interest in teen criminality and behavior abnormalities.

As a former clinical psychotherapist, I have see first-hand how mental health policies impact a community.  I have real-life experience helping patients in crisis, and assisting them with realizing a better path in life.  I have worked on legislation to curb our suicide epidemic in Colorado Springs.

I believe in keeping government small, so that businesses can thrive. As a business owner myself, I understand that poorly constructed regulations hinder Colorado small businesses and make it difficult to create jobs. I am an entrepreneur, a job maker and a person who has had to manage a budget for his own business to assure payroll was met.

My experiences and faith with a strict focus on liberty mold my decision making process as a State Representative.  I fight for the unborn, small government, our Second Amendment rights, taxation with representation, as well as many other conservative values.  

In my free time, I enjoy spending time in the mountains, snowboarding, going to movies with my daughter, and exercising my Second Amendment right by going to the  range.

I always enjoy hearing from my constituents, please feel free to contact me at [email protected] 


Shane Sandridge 

House District 14 Representative 


Assembly Official Call

Pursuant to Article IX; Section 9.01F of the Bylaws of the El Paso County Republican Central Committee and Colorado Revised Statutes 1-4-102 and 1-4-601, notice is hereby given that the El Paso County Republican County Assembly shall be convened  beginning at 12:30 p.m. on Saturday, March 24, 2018, at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, Gallogly Hall (University Center), 1420 Austin Bluffs Parkway, Colorado Springs, CO 80918 [CRS 1-4-602]. Check-in and credentialing (registration) for this Assembly will begin at 8:00 a.m. and close at 10:30 a.m. 



Legislative Blog with House District 19 Representative Paul Lundeen

Greetings Republicans:

Smaller Government and Freer People. That’s the big goal of all the political and policy efforts I lead with my team. It’s the primary lens through which we consider all policy initiatives that we promote or oppose.

Occasionally there is a policy response to a societal question that makes it perfectly clear that we are far better off when we are guided by the principles of smaller government and freer people.

A bill that I recently sponsored in the Colorado House and have successfully handed off to the Senate (with only 8 votes in opposition in the House) is a perfect example. 

And this bill is especially potent because it’s also a perfect example of how conservative principles applied to a societal challenge will attract Unaffiliated voters and even some Democratic voters. 

The bill is HB18-1086 and it deals with providing additional, high quality pathways for nursing students to pursue their Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degrees.  

We have a shortage of nurses in Colorado today and the problem is growing. The shortage of  BSN qualified nurses is especially acute. We are feeling the pinch in El Paso county as are counties all across the state.

According to the Tatiana Bailey, Director of the UCCS Economic Forum, Colorado Springs has a deficit of approximately 1300 trained nurses in our workforce. Bailey says:

Our hospitals (UC Health and Penrose St. Francis) are feeling that deficit acutely.  They are recruiting nationwide to bring nurses to our region to meet the workforce demands.  Our hospitals are also facing significant costs associated with hiring “travelers” nurses who come to our region and work temporarily at  much higher costs than regular fulltime employees.  Our hospitals are pressuring both UCCS and PPCC to dramatically and quickly increase the number of graduates.  Both hospitals have a goal of only hiring BSN trained nurses.  Currently, both hospitals give RN graduates 5 years to complete a BSN after they are hired. 

Not a pretty situation, but, there is reason to hope. Unlike many of the problems we face in Colorado today there is an easy policy solution to this problem. And from my perspective HB18-1086 is the biggest part of the solution.

We have a pre-existing network of community colleges. They are doing themselves proud graduating individuals onto the first rung of the professional nurse continuum with Associates Degrees in Nursing. What this Bill does is gives those community colleges, sprinkled all about our glorious state, the ability to help nurses achieve the next step in their professional development, the achievement of a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (also known as a BSN). The community colleges will be held to the same standards of academic rigor that current BSN providers meet.  

The nurses who take the first step into nursing through the community colleges currently stack up academically very well when they choose to go on to a BSN degree. But there are not enough slots available, not enough programs provided. Our ability to encourage developing nurses to climb the mountain of professional developmental doesn’t have enough pathways. And we all know there’s more than one way to the top of a mountain. Without HB-1086 too many BSN candidates are forced to pay a premium, or worse, they leave our beautiful state and we lose their skill and our nursing shortage gets worse.

Simply put, the expanded nurse education opportunities legislation provides more pathways up the mountain of professional development. It allows community colleges to provide, all across the majestic skyline of Colorado new pathways to earn a BSN degree. This is especially useful because those schools already provide a solution to, in my mind, the most challenging part of nurse education, the laboratory and practicum elements that are a core part of the early phases of nursing education. 

So, HB18-1086, is a great example of how we can apply the principle of smaller government and freer people to the actions of the legislature and achieve a great benefit for the people of Colorado. 

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me, I always enjoy hearing from my constituents. 

Representative Paul Lundeen
House District 19 
Paul Lundeen serves in the Colorado House of Representatives, elected to HD19 and is the candidate for Senate District 9.  You may learn more about Paul at

Legislative Blog with House District 21 Representative Lois Landgraf

Greetings Republicans:

As I enter my 6th year as a legislator representing the great people of House District 21 I find myself reflecting on my body of work and the impact it’s had on Colorado. When elected, I made a commitment to myself that I would at least try to run substantial legislation aimed at helping those who need it. My philosophy has been a “hand up, not a hand out”. I was surprised when I looked back and found that, as of the end of the 2017 session, I had run 48 bills and resolutions. 

My work has included raising awareness for intellectual and developmental disabilities and combatting human trafficking, while protecting the victims coerced into human trafficking and protecting the victims of rape where a child was conceived. I have worked on building systems that improve the lives of those with disabilities in Colorado, ensuring that they receive the support they need. I have also sought to improve mental healthcare in Colorado as well as advocate for the rights of those who have been detained for mental health emergencies. 

As the wife of an Army veteran, the issues that veterans face have become very close to me. I’ve dedicated much of my time to serving the members of the armed forces in Colorado. These efforts include increasing tax deductions on military benefits, improving how courts address cases involving veterans and setting up a pilot program to pair veterans who suffer from PTSD with service dogs that they trained. I have not forgotten those that died in their service and those that have passed away and I ensured that Colorado would not either. I sponsored resolutions to honor and memorialize those that served. 

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me, I always enjoy hearing from my constituents. 

State Representative Lois Landgraf