We are ALL Dreamers

Greetings Republicans:

I was too excited to sleep last night. For years, we the people have been promised hope and change by a Government (and President) that on one hand said they loved America, and on the other, tore her to pieces. The actions of Obama’s administration did nothing to protect the liberty of Americans and allow them to cultivate their dreams. We have been ignored and neglected by the ruling political class, until now.

During President Trump’s delivery of the State of the Union, it was clear to see that Democrats no longer have the interests of the people at heart, rather they are completely lacking an understanding of what the American people desire. 

President Trump stated, “The State of our Union is strong because our people are strong.”  He is correct. The benefits of the new tax cuts (corporate and personal), the dismantling of the administrative State, and record-high consumer confidence has given the economy the boost it needed to launch upward and thrive. 

For the first time in a long time small businesses owners (like myself and many of you) are getting the relief they need to expand, produce, and compete. Finally, America’s backbone of the working class is strong again. 

Our President called for “unity for the people” and reminded both Democrats and Republicans that, “these are the people we were elected to serve.” President Trump is absolutely correct. Government officials work for us! During the November 2018 election we have a chance to remind all of those whom are refusing to allow Americans to thrive by working with the President and his administration, that we decide if they get to keep their job. 

In order to continue draining the swamp of Politicians whom have forgotten who they work for, we must work together to support Republican candidates across the state of Colorado. Please if you haven’t done so already, plan to attend your local Caucus on March 6th, run to become a Precinct Leader, Delegate or Alternate, and join me in participating in our County and State’s grassroots process of electing good people to represent us throughout the political process. 

I agree with the President’s message, there has NEVER been a better time to start living the American dream. And for every Citizen, no matter where you have been, no matter where you come from, this is your time. If we work hard, if we believe in each other, if we believe in the American dream, we can be anything and “together, we can achieve absolutely anything.” 

God Bless our President, and God Bless the American dream. 

Semper Fi, 


Joshua Hosler

Chairman, El Paso County Republican Party 

Legislative Blog with House District 20 Representative Terri Carver

Greetings Republicans:

Since becoming a State Representative in 2015, I have worked hard to pass legislation to protect victims of human trafficking, domestic violence, and sexual assault.  The bills I sponsored and cosponsored had overwhelming bipartisan support—working together, we can deter these terrible crimes, bring the perpetrators to justice, and help the victims recover and heal.      

Fighting the scourge of Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is increasing in Colorado, the nation, and worldwide.  In Colorado Springs, a local group called the Avenue Task Force had been working with law enforcement and prosecutors to shut down sham massage therapy businesses run by human traffickers.   Working with the Avenue Task Force and massage therapists, my bill increased local and state enforcement tools against human traffickers.  We are monitoring the implementation of this new law, to evaluate the need for future legislation.    

We must ensure that local and state law enforcement, prosecutors, and regulatory agencies have the resources and tools to investigate, prosecute, and punish human traffickers with jail time and the seizure of traffickers’ profits from the evils of sex slavery.  Only then can we turn the tide against human trafficking crimes in Colorado.  We also modified the wire-tapping statute (kudos to Rep. Paul Lundeen as the primary sponsor), so law enforcement can now seek a wire-tap as part of a human trafficking investigation. 

I was shocked to learn that Colorado law did not impose a mandatory jail sentence on human traffickers that profit from child sex slavery.  The local District Attorney’s office under the leadership of Dan May brought this issue to my attention.  As a result of my bill, state law now requires mandatory jail for a person convicted of human sex trafficking of a minor. 

 2018 – Human Trafficking Legislation:  

I am honored to run a bill supported by the Colorado non-profit Truckers Against Traffickers and the trucking industry. The trucking industry has stepped up to report human trafficking occurring at truck stops in Colorado.  My bill will assist the trucking industry in identifying human trafficking and reporting this criminal activity to law enforcement.  

I am also running a bill to assist law enforcement and victim assistance groups with more flexible training tools on human trafficking, within the Colorado Department of Public Safety.  This bill will also provide support for the Colorado School Safety Center and our dedicated non-profits fighting human trafficking recruitment in our schools.  I want to recognize the leadership of the Southern Colorado Human Trafficking Coalition in bringing this school safety issue to my attention, and for their efforts to raise awareness in our schools about this threat to our children.  

Help for victims of domestic violence

Victims of domestic violence now have address confidentiality protection in state and local government internet databases.  This law was a result of a request to me from former El Paso County Assessor Mark Lowderman and current County Assessor Steve Schleiker.   

Victims face a difficult decision when they consider leaving an abusive situation. There is the very real possibility of homelessness, financial insecurity, and the risk of increasing violence.  Often the only safe option for them and, many times their children, is finding a place to stay that is unknown to their abuser.   Therefore, it is critical that the victim’s location remain confidential. 

Victims of domestic violence now may break their lease if they need to move because their abuser knows where they live. This is a result of legislation I co-sponsored last year.  

Help for victims of child sexual assault

I worked to change the law so child victims of repeated sexual assault did not have to testify in multiple criminal trials when the sexual assaults occurred in different jurisdictions. Prosecutors can now charge all sexual assault charges involving a child victim in one trial.  Previously, prosecutors were limited in prosecuting only the child sexual assaults that occurred in their jurisdiction, but not in other parts of the state.  

One witness who testified during the hearing on this bill had been the victim of sex trafficking. She recounted her traumatic experience of being repeatedly assaulted as a child and the lasting effects of this trauma. This testimony, although painful, was incredibly valuable, as it demonstrated how traumatic each retelling of the assaults can be to the victim – even after so many years.  

These victims – these children – do not need to be re-victimized by testifying in multiple trials. They need to know that they have advocates in their corner and can go to sleep at night no longer dreading having to retell their story over and over in court.  Instead, they can move on with healing from their ordeal.  

There is much more to be done.  I and my colleagues will continue to work to fight the evils of human trafficking, domestic violence, and sexual assault.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me, I always enjoy hearing from my constituents. 

State Representative Terri Carver

Central Committee Official Call (Jan-20 2018)

Official Call for the El Paso County Republican Central Committee
January 20, 2018, at 9 a.m.
Coronado High School
1590 W. Fillmore St., Colorado Springs, CO 80904

Pursuant to the Colorado Revised Statutes Section 1-4-601 and pursuant to El Paso County Republican Central Committee Bylaws Article IV, Section 4.01 and Article III, Section 3.02, notice is hereby given that the El Paso County Republican Central Committee will meet at 9 a.m. on Saturday, January 20, 2018, at Coronado High School, 1590 W. Fillmore St, Colorado Springs, CO 80904 for the following purposes… 



Merry Christmas!

Good Morning and Merry Christmas!

Please click on the video link below to watch our Christmas message.

On behalf of the El Paso County Republican Party, we’d like to wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas! 

God Bless!


Joshua Hosler


Mary Bradfield

Kit Roupe 
Cassandra Sebastian
Executive Director

Merry Christmas, check out what Santa brought!

Greetings Republicans,

Your leadership team has spent much time meeting with individuals and groups who have all had one unified “suggestion” to us: We needed a new website.
Our site was archaic, confusing, and not always reliable.
Of the items prioritized on our agenda was to develop a new site that was modern, mobile-friendly, user-friendly to save time, and cost-efficient to save us money. Modern design shows the direction we are headed as a party. User-friendly saves time in finding information quickly. And while new fundraising, newsletters, and events calendar should be robust tools for us to organize, they should cost less.

Well, we listened, and today Santa delivered.

Please join us in our excitement as we unveil the new gopelpaso.com.


In the coming year, we will continue to improve the site as part of our dedication to increasing organization, increasing communications, and of course, increasing donations.

Check out the calendar packed with events across the county, and then volunteer. 

If you like what you see, please consider becoming a member of the V.I.B. (Very Important Business), Patriot’s ClubFounder’s Club, and DONATE to grow the party. With your support, we will win more elections.

2018 is days away and we’re excited — to make Colorado red again!

As always, thank you for all you continue to do to promote and grow freedom in El Paso County and the state of Colorado.

God Bless,

Joshua Hosler
Mary Bradfield

Kit Roupe 

Cassandra Sebastian
Executive Director

Data Request Policy

Greetings Republicans,

I hope this post finds you all ready for Christmas and the New Year.

We have been very busy down at headquarters preparing for caucus training, the upcoming Executive & Central Committee meetings, and Assembly.

Due to the high volume of information requests from candidates and staff, we are implementing a new policy, to ensure that information is dispersed in a timely manner without causing strain on volunteers and staff.  (more…)

Introducing Our New Executive Director

It is with great excitement that I introduce the new Executive Director of the El Paso County Republican Party, Cassandra Sebastian.

Cassandra has been involved with the Party since 2011 when she helped to found the College Republicans at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs.

Cassandra graduated with a B.A. from UCCS in 2014, where she focused on the American founding and, more specifically, The Federalist Papers. She then applied and was accepted into the Leadership Program of the Rockies, which she graduated from in 2015. (more…)

Resting on our Laurels

…when the threat is very real

We are right. We Are right, and yet we are resting on our laurels. Taking for granted that our community, our little Red dot in the Colorado political landscape will forever be a bastion of conservative values.

If our Founding Fathers had done the same thing, we would not be sitting in these United States of America today in 2017. Where would we be without General George Washington if he had stayed at home?  How about Alexander Hamilton, John Adams, James Madison or any of them? They stood against the intolerable acts of the British Parliament of 1774, and they and the Patriot Movement won the War for Independence through great suffrage and persecution by the British. They did not rest on their laurels nor stay away because something was inconvenient or as a form of protest. Nor are those we strongly disagree with on many, many policy issues staying away. (more…)

State and County Parties: A Candidate’s Fundraising Multiplier

You know me. I’m the former Republican State Representative from House District 17, the Colorado Springs Swing seat. There’s something almost expected, and annoying, about winning and losing in a Swing seat. It’s difficult to fundraise when the odds are against you. Trust me when I say that it is not enough to have vision and tenacity; it also takes strategy.

As a former candidate, I would like to share how important it is for you to support your El Paso County Republicans and Colorado GOP. For me, the Colorado GOP and the El Paso County Republican party were force multipliers in my campaign. I know they spent money on my campaign as well as in other races, but the resources they bring were more than I could have done on my own with individual contributions. First, let’s start with the law, which defines contribution limits. (more…)

Commission pure GOP

The Gazette | Matt Steiner

Democrats will likely have to wait at least until the next election to crack the Board of El Paso County Commissioners.

By 9 p.m. on Tuesday, Republicans appeared to have a chokehold on both contested commissioner races. Longinos Gonzalez in District 4 and District 3’s Stan VanderWerf both held early leads, although one Democrat made a significant push to threaten the conservative status quo that has dominated county leadership since the early 1970s. (more…)