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Chairman’s Update

Chairman’s Update

We’ve had 100 people sign up to learn more about becoming a volunteer activist. Our first New Volunteer Orientation is on the evening of May 21. Please let us know if you have anyone you would like us to include in the invitation to that training event.

President Trump will be in town for the Air Force Academy graduation and there has been some interest expressed in standing along the road in support of the President. 

We are continuing to have some regular open office hours on a few different days a week.  Anyone who wants a petition can contact Kathleen at [email protected], as well as anyone who wants to help with office hours to collect signatures.

We are supporting our House District chairs as they continue their efforts to fill precinct vacancies.

We are working diligently to schedule our 2019 Lincoln Day Dinner for an early fall time frame.

We are hosting an event for our legislators this week which is being organized by Sandi Foote and friends — the Events page for more information.

Please don’t hesitate to reply or reach out to get together if you have any questions or concerns.

Go team EPC GOP!

What is good leadership?

As members of the El Paso County Central Committee, we are all leaders. From precinct leaders, to division leaders, to House, Senate and County Commissioner district officers and to County GOP elected officials, state legislators and EPC GOP officers – we are all leaders and now, more than ever, is the time to lead.

We are on the edge of losing our very way of life in Colorado. We are all aware of the radical policies of the left that have a stranglehold on the General Assembly, which is pumping out destructive legislation every day.

In this critical time, as leaders, let’s ask ourselves what good leadership looks like, and then, let’s step into it – together.

My sole purpose as Chairman is to serve our Team so that TOGETHER we succeed.

What does success look like? To succeed in 2020 we must turn out more voters than ever before.

To do that, we must build our team and welcome more people to our ranks. To do that, we must fill our precinct vacancies and recruit a team of 100’s of volunteer activists. I’m happy to report that we are hosting a Take Back Colorado Team training for activists on May 21 and inviting the nearly 100 new people who’ve signed up to help.

At HQ, our goal is to serve the Central Committee leaders so that everyone has everything they need to get this job done.

And to resource these efforts, I’ve reached out to dozens of donors and raised tens of thousands of dollars because there is growing confidence in our commitment to honor donor intent and to limit spending to mission-driven activities.

What is a good leader? One who serves. Let’s continue to work together to strengthen our team and to be leaders who serve. Together, we CAN Take Back Colorado.

Better Together: The Vision To Accomplish Our Mission

As the El Paso County Republican Party, we have a Mission. Our Mission – and if you are on our team you have already accepted it – is to elect Republican candidates to office. But that’s not all. We do that with a clearly defined purpose in mind: to be true to the fundamental principles of the Republican party. These principles are rooted in our Founding documents, and expressed in our national Party platform, and they are summarized here:

  • We affirm along with the Declaration of Independence that all are created equal, endowed by their Creator with inalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness
  • We believe in the Constitution as our is an enduring covenant
  • We believe our constitutional system of limited government, separation of powers, federalism, and the rights of the people must be preserved
  • We believe political freedom and economic freedom are indivisible
  • We believe that people are the ultimate resource — that the people, not the government, are the best stewards of our country’s God-given natural resources.

These enduring principles have been hailed uniquely by the Republican Party. This Party – when living up to its purpose and principles – is the Guardian of Liberty. We seek to elect candidates who have these firmly Republican principles woven into their purpose for seeking office.

Yes, each candidate develops specific messaging that fits the issues relevant to the times and to their intended office, yet the fundamental principles of the Republican Party are to inform that messaging.

The Republican brand is our brand. We may not always represent it well, but it is the best brand in politics. And as members of the El Paso County Republican Party we are ambassadors of that brand.

Let’s recommit to our Mission – it is the reason our Party structure exists. And through a number of State mandated, bylaws-required and mission-driven activities we will continue to work to fulfill it.

Let’s breathe greater life into our efforts through a strong Vision to build up our team help and coordinate for even greater success. We will strengthen this organization and achieve more together than we ever could on our own. We will each fulfill our jobs, so that together we will have a job well done. We will build a Culture of Respect and collaboration that creates an invitational environment that people will be drawn to.

We will use Best Practices that are efficient and effective and operate from a Customer Success mindset, and that honor donor intent. Through these efforts, we will be poised to experience an increase in participation that will lead to superior results in voter turn-out.

Here’s the Vision to accomplish our Mission…


Do our jobs well, resulting in a job well done

  • Reaffirm what we signed up to do for the Party
  • Review and recommit to our Duties and Responsibilities, with our Bylaws as the guide
  • Become even more equipped for greater success
  • Work together as a team as we each fulfill our purpose


Efficiency and Accountability

  • Incorporate Best Practices that are honored by today’s successful nonprofits
  • Streamline our processes for greater efficiency to get more done in a shorter time frame
  • Inculcate a Customer Success mindset at every level, so that we are not just reacting to what people need, but anticipating needs in serving them
  • Honor donor intent by focusing on mission-driven events and activities


Culture of Respect

  • As brand ambassadors, build a solid and respected reputation as Republicans in the community
  • Demonstrate decorum and dignity in all of our interactions, including with those with whom we disagree
  • Offer due process in our interactions by believing the best and giving others the benefit of the doubt, while asking questions to seek understanding
  • Recognize that a Culture of Respect creates an invitational environment that will draw new people to our team
  • Do everything with integrity, including honoring non-disclosure agreements and using our roles in the Party to conduct the official business of the Party


Positive Collaboration

  • Stamp out complaining and commit to solving problems instead
  • Encourage regular positive interaction and sharing of ideas among members throughout the organization
  • Understand and honor one another’s roles while seeking and considering input from all members and volunteers in order to make improvements
  • Identify, welcome, recruit and train more volunteers and activists to strengthen our Party and improve our effectiveness

We have so many great people involved in the Party in El Paso County. Let’s keep that going, draw in new people in, stick to our Principles, build our culture and win back the respect of the community.

We’ve got a big job to do, but everything we do is better together.

Merry Christmas, check out what Santa brought!

Greetings Republicans,

Your leadership team has spent much time meeting with individuals and groups who have all had one unified “suggestion” to us: We needed a new website.
Our site was archaic, confusing, and not always reliable.
Of the items prioritized on our agenda was to develop a new site that was modern, mobile-friendly, user-friendly to save time, and cost-efficient to save us money. Modern design shows the direction we are headed as a party. User-friendly saves time in finding information quickly. And while new fundraising, newsletters, and events calendar should be robust tools for us to organize, they should cost less.

Well, we listened, and today Santa delivered.

Please join us in our excitement as we unveil the new


In the coming year, we will continue to improve the site as part of our dedication to increasing organization, increasing communications, and of course, increasing donations.

Check out the calendar packed with events across the county, and then volunteer. 

If you like what you see, please consider becoming a member of the V.I.B. (Very Important Business), Patriot’s ClubFounder’s Club, and DONATE to grow the party. With your support, we will win more elections.

2018 is days away and we’re excited — to make Colorado red again!

As always, thank you for all you continue to do to promote and grow freedom in El Paso County and the state of Colorado.

God Bless,

Joshua Hosler
Mary Bradfield

Kit Roupe 

Cassandra Sebastian
Executive Director

VIB Program Launched

By: Megan Schrader

Updated: August 20, 2015 at 9:23 pm

Wendy Miller said she knows first-hand how small businesses can get steamrolled at the Colorado Capitol by bigger businesses with high-paid lobbyists who have lawmakers’ ears.

“We saved 20 companies from going under,” Miller, a Colorado Springs small-business owner, told a crowd of GOP business owners Thursday night. “I don’t want any of you to feel helpless and feel like you’re a victim of some law that you can’t do anything about. We are standing here today as proof.”


Election Night Party

Headquarters is devoting 99.9% of our energies to winning, but we need to look ahead for a brief moment. Join us for our election night party November 4 at the stellar Stargazers Theatre. Admission is free. Doors open at 6:30 PM. Food (pulled pork sandwiches, chicken teriyaki, bratwursts, nachos) and drinks (beer, wine, cocktails, soda, coffee, tea) will be available for purchase. No outside food or drink. Please RSVP to [email protected] You are welcome without an RSVP, but we’re trying to get a head count. And more importantly, in the meantime, please volunteer to get out the vote. Contact Lee Hopper at [email protected] or simply swing by Republican Headquarters.

Seeking Volunteers

Your local GOP is committed to reclaiming every inch of our county this November, but we need your help.  Chasing ballots is easy, painless, and effective. The idea is that irregular voters are more likely to vote if they receive encouraging phone calls from other Republicans. You can make those phone calls from home, using lists we produce at HQ, or from HQ, using sophisticated phones that automatically dial and leave voicemails.

There is no other way to defeat the Democrats. Yard signs are entertaining, but they don’t win elections. If you want a Republican victory on November 4, commit to helping today. Email Lee Hopper at [email protected] and he’ll set you up.

Gardner at HQ 08/11

Wednesday’s rally for gubernatorial nominee Bob Beauprez was such a success that, on Monday, August 11, we’ll replicate the festivities with Congressman Cory Gardner, our Republican nominee for US Senate.  Congressman Gardner is planning to arrive at 3:30 PM.  To join in the fun, RSVP to Lee Hopper at [email protected] and arrive at El Paso County Republican Headquarters by 3:20. 

Herpin Legislator of Year

The Denver Post • 
State Sen. Bernie Herpin didn’t waste any time making a name for himself in Denver. Elected in the wake of the recall of Sen. John Morse last September. Herpin on Monday was chosen Legislator of the Year by the Colorado County Clerks Association.

According to a press release from Herpin’s re-election team, he won the prize “because of his ability to lead and reach across party lines to get things done in Denver.”

Herpin faces former state Rep. Mike Merrifield of Colorado Springs, a Democrat, in the general election.

“I’m honored to receive this prestigious award from leaders who are entrusted to fairly conduct our elections and properly staff our bureaus of motor vehicles,” Herpin stated. “I look forward to continuing to make all levels of government work more efficiently to ensure that more Coloradans can get back to work themselves.”

The County Clerks Association is holding its three-day summer conference at Two Rivers Convention Center in Grand Junction. Also on Monday’s itinerary was the first debate between secretary of state candidates, Republican Wayne Williams and Democrat Joe Neguse.