Resting on our Laurels

…when the threat is very real

We are right. We Are right, and yet we are resting on our laurels. Taking for granted that our community, our little Red dot in the Colorado political landscape will forever be a bastion of conservative values.

If our Founding Fathers had done the same thing, we would not be sitting in these United States of America today in 2017. Where would we be without General George Washington if he had stayed at home?  How about Alexander Hamilton, John Adams, James Madison or any of them? They stood against the intolerable acts of the British Parliament of 1774, and they and the Patriot Movement won the War for Independence through great suffrage and persecution by the British. They did not rest on their laurels nor stay away because something was inconvenient or as a form of protest. Nor are those we strongly disagree with on many, many policy issues staying away.

Colorado Springs Together – an ultra-left Progressive group filled Stargazers Theater, not once but several times since November 2016. They are unified and activated. They have divided their own party in Colorado Springs. Boulder liberals are helping organize and fund them. They perceive our complacency as an opportunity to change our little Red dot to Blue, and our complacency – our lack of action – is the best gift we can give them.

They perceive our complacency as opportunity… it is a gift to them.

They took that gift to new heights today when almost 100 of them attended U.S. Senator Cory Gardner’s town hall at Pikes Peak Community College. I pray there were more Republicans than just the handful I could see. I did see four or five of us in the audience, whom I knew and a couple Tweeting the event. I can list them on my two hands, compared to the 100-plus Progressives in the audience. The media lined the back wall along with El Paso County Sheriff Deputies. We handed the Progressives the floor by not having a bigger presence.

I grant that I sent a short notice out on Senator Cory Gardner’s town hall today, but I also know it was publicized and posted in many different places. A call to action from me should not be needed – it should be in our bones to pay attention if we are truly conservative Republicans.

I want to genuinely thank all the Republicans who did show up this morning. You heard the call and you came! Frontline Patriots in my estimation. And, many great Republicans I may not know on-sight spoke at the microphone today and asked questions. Republicans and a handful of other conservative parties were present to hear the questions and answers. Tiffany said, “I had a question but thought twice about asking it. The crowd was intimidating.”

The following photos are from the August 15, 2017 Senator Cory Gardner town hall meeting. This is who the Senator is hearing from all the time! Those little green cards, those are the Progressives showing their position when I took this photo, and that was not even when a full answer was given.

We must pay more attention, get more involved, and not wait until it is too late. We must hold on, with every fiber of our being, to our Representative Democracy! It is being attacked and we, you and me, we are the front line in its defense.

Self-deception and betrayal are going on if you think by not attending the town hall you send any kind of message whatsoever to the Senator. He cannot hear you, only those people in the photo consumed his attention.

Do not betray your Republican values. Do not betray your belief in the Constitution. Standing up and showing up is how we keep our voices alive, our Freedom alive! Exercising our Right to Free Speech, which our men and women over centuries have fought and died to protect, is paramount to today’s tasks to preserve our freedoms. Our Founding Fathers did stand for something and did do something. In this century, it is absolutely our duty and responsibility to also stand for something and do something.

Sandra Bankes said this. “I did attend this morning. I know it was early, but those who are in favor of a single-payer health care system were out in full force. U.S. Senator Gardner handled the sometimes unruly crowd with poise and respect. State Senator Bob Gardner, no relation, was the moderator who did his best to keep the dialog civil. Former Commissioner Sallie Clark and Precinct Leader of the Year Rob Blancken, both had their questions answered from the questions submitted. Commissioner Gonzalez was present. More of us should show up to support, question, and be a presence at town hall meetings.”

Joe G. Rodriguez spoke to me afterward. He said, “The audience was 95% Democrats. I looked around and could not see very many people that I knew. The crowd was very rude. U.S. Senator Gardner handled hostile questions very well, much like he did on the telephone town hall call. It seemed the Democrats are tightly focused on single payer health care. Every time he mentioned President Trump the crowd booed.

“I am glad you [Kit Roupé] sent out the notice for today’s town hall or I would have missed it. I have been around the state. Democrats are very organized. Republicans need to get involved and organized or we could lose our statewide elections.”

By the way, I deplore the use of children to advance any political scheme or agenda, yet there it was! A 10-year old child spouting adult rhetoric and pleas. Say no to a child was the dare – the cowards. It is a form of child slavery and abuse in my ethical playbook.

Consider this your rallying cry!

I pray heartily and deeply that we will see you more and more in the coming months; that our presence at events like today will become bigger and bigger. That you understand boycotting an elected official compromises our Republican values and purpose, and does nothing to the official.

Caucuses are on Tuesday, March 6, 2018, 7 PM. That is the first place to go to engage in selecting (or re-electing) our Republican candidates. That is the grassroots beginning. Moreover, when I know about an event, such as today’s town hall, I will post it on the El Paso County Republican’s webpage calendar.  El Paso County GOP Calendar. Candidates go to the clubs. Elected officials let me know about their town halls. Fundraisers are posted when I know of them. These gatherings cost you maybe a beverage or a meal, possibly nothing to attend and you can meet and talk to candidates more than once, which is more than the mail or social media can deliver.

To those who came, Thank you, thank you, thank you!  To those who wanted to come but had other commitments, I look forward to seeing you the next time. To those of you boycotting Senator Gardner – you gave it away to the ultra-left. (You rate the Senator on his performance but you tell him nothing. What would you do if that happened to you at your job?) Join us in fighting for our freedoms and protecting our Constitution. Stand up with our Founding Fathers and fellow Patriots.  I ask you to add to our critical mass and outweigh our opposition’s presence, not condone their agenda through inaction.

Until later…. Thank you and God Bless!