The Trumps’ Phone Calls

On Tuesday, September 20, John Hancock was at El Paso County Republican Headquarters when he received a phone call from an unknown number. Focused on his duties as Regional Field Director for the Colorado GOP, he didn’t pick up. Imagine his surprise when he heard the following voicemail from Donald Trump, Jr.

You will notice that Mr. Trump, Jr. refers to John as a volunteer. That’s not perfectly accurate, because John is an employee of the state party; but it is substantially accurate, because anyone who’s received a party paycheck can tell you that party employment is indeed a labor of love.

A couple of weeks later, on Monday, October 3, Tim Mennecke, a Colorado GOP field organizer also stationed at El Paso County Republican Headquarters, also missed a call from an unknown phone number. When he listened to his message, it was Eric Trump.

We appreciate John, Tim and everyone else at El Paso County Republican Headquarters who worked toward Republican victories in November. If you put in a lot of hours but haven’t received your phone call yet, keep believing. Ivanka Trump has yet to place hers.