Dear Central Committee Members,


I hope this finds you doing well. I am writing today to inform you that, effective Wednesday, August 28, I am resigning as Chair.


I ran for Chair with one goal in mind – to bring people together to support the re-election of President Trump and Senator Cory Gardner.


I expected some challenges, but find the level of opposition to my Chairmanship within our Central Committee to be deeply disappointing, particularly in a time when the call for unity has been strong and essential. The tactics included leaving me with zero financial reserves, withholding a potentially free speaker, providing an anemic donor list, suppressing Lincoln Dinner participation and interfering with volunteer engagement.


I made numerous attempts to meet with these members of our Committee, yet there has not been a willingness to come to the table. Still, I endeavored to take the high road and affect a positive culture.


I am delighted to leave you with nearly 500 new and prospective volunteers, 600 who have attended trainings and HQ events, and a built from-scratch donor CRM, adding 9,000 of our past and present donor contacts to the list.


You will also be happy to know that my fundraising efforts did cover our monthly burn rate and moving expenses for the new office and $12,400 of deposits for the Lincoln Dinner. However, despite extensive marketing, as well as hundreds of follow up calls, the Central Committee participation is less than 50% of what we would normally expect.


The timing of my resignation is with the sincere hope that those who opposed my changes will now marshall their efforts to take this dinner across the finish line for the sake of the Party. 


I want to thank all of you who have cheered me on in my efforts and joined with me in support of a stronger Party. It has truly been a privilege to serve and I sincerely wish the best for our County.


Feel free to reply to this email if you'd like to share your thoughts.


Best regards to all,




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