Frequently Asked Questions


How does the County Party work?

This is a big question! In a nutshell, our County leadership is made up of a Chair, Vice-Chair and Secretary who are elected by the Central Committee. The Central Committee is mostly made up of precinct leaders, as well as other members as specified by our bylaws. Precinct leaders are elected by registered Republicans who attend Precinct Caucuses and vote. YOU are the life of the Party and can run for any of these offices, if you are a registered Republican. The cost of running the Party is paid for entirely by donations. We appreciate and respect all donations.

How can I get involved?

YOU are the life of the Party. Please click HERE to get involved in the Party. Thank you for your willingness to join us!

What is the County Party doing to help get President Trump reelected?

We have a Trump Victory Field Director, Cristian Antal, located in our County Headquarters who works closely with our team. Rep. Dave Williams is the Trump Director for our County Party and is also an integral member. Our Precinct Leaders will play a major role in engaging voters in El Paso County neighborhoods as we get closer to the election. In addition, our communications team is working through email, social media and press contacts to engage voters. As we get closer to November, we will rev up our activities.

Will President Trump hold a rally in Colorado?

We certainly hope so, and we will be in contact with his national campaign team to try to make that happen. Please click HERE to sign a petition that we can send to President Trump to show him that we want him here in Colorado.

Where can I get a Trump 2020 yard sign?

Currently, the only access we have to signs is through President Trump’s official website. Click HERE for the site. If that changes, we will update our website to reflect the change.