YOU are the life of the Party!

Our entire El Paso County Republican Party leadership team and staff are unpaid volunteers. We are working hard to decrease the cost of running our Party and in the short time our new leadership started in October 2019, we’ve decreased our monthly costs by more than 50%. We take your donations very seriously and honor you and your hard-earned dollars by carefully choosing where to spend your donation so that it has the most positive effect on our Party and our county, state and country.

Thank you!

Giving By Check

Please mail checks to:

5145 Centennial Blvd., Ste. 101

Colorado Springs, CO 80919

*Please be sure to include your employer and occupation in the memo section or indicate that you are retired. This information is required by law.


*Contributions are not tax deductible and contributions by foreign nationals are prohibited. The maximum contribution is $4,025 per person, LLC, LLP or PAC, $8,050 per couple with a joint bank account per calendar year. The Party cannot accept contributions from corporations or LLCs whose members are prohibited from contributing. We require name, address, occupation, and employer information for all donations.